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Heritage Ford Parts Map

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
Heritage Ford Parts Map
Heritage Ford Parts Map

Did you know that the Heritage Ford Parts Connection delivers to over 3,900 locations across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Upstate New York?

H-Team Parts Connection

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Our fleet of nine full time parts trucks cover over 40,000 miles each month, delivering parts all over New Hampshire, Vermont and Upstate New York.


The H-Team Parts Connection not only delivers genuine Ford and Toyota parts for our Heritage dealerships, but also aftermarket parts and parts from other dealerships located along Route 7 in South Burlington and throughout Vermont. Our fleet travels to and from locations like Fort Covington, NY, Keene, NH, Bennington, VT, and Pittsburg, NH delivering parts to over 3,900 different locations.

If you’re looking for reliable parts delivery, look no further than the H-Team Parts Connection. If you’d like to contact our parts department, please call us at 802-865-8140.