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Haddidle Contest

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Have you seen our newest commercial – Haddidle? It’s just like the game “padiddle,” but instead of vehicles with a headlight out, you say “Haddidle” when you see a vehicle with the name “Heritage” on it! Try your hand at Haddidle next time your in a car – of if you’re walking by a Haddidle vehicle – snap a picture and enter into our contest!




  • 2 tickets to UVM v. UNH Hockey Friday 2/22 @ 7pm
  • 4 tickets to UVM v. UNH Hockey Friday 2/22 @ 7pm
  • 2 tickets to UVM v. UNH Hockey Saturday 2/23 @ 7pm
  • 4 tickets to UVM v. UNH Hockey Saturday 2/23 @ 7pm
  • 2 tickets to UVM v. CANISIUS Basketball Saturday 2/23 @ 1pm
  • 2 tickets to “The Heidi Chronicles” at Royall Tyler Theater Saturday 2/23 @ 7:30pm

Please do not take photos while driving.
If we believe a submitted photo has been taken while the photographer was operating a moving vehicle, it will be disqualified. 

The H-Team is VT Strong

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

VT StrongOn February 9, With the signing of the I Am Vermont Strong license plate bill, Governor Shumlin gave his official authorization to purchase a Vermont Strong license plate and affix it to the front of your vehicle.

To show our support for the recovery efforts, the H-Team has purchased 100 Vermont Strong plates. Five of these plates will be given away via social media, each of the remaining 95 will be included with your purchase of a new or used vehicle at Heritage Ford, Toyota and Scion.

If you’re not in the market for a new vehicle, but still want to contribute to the cause, you can help too. For a $25 donation to the fund, you can get your own I Am Vermont Strong license plate today by visiting the official Vermont Strong website, here.

Rebuild Waterbury

The H-Team’s support of the recovery efforts goes beyond just license plates, and if you wish to support the cause and a license plate isn’t for you, there’s more you can do too.  Visit and learn about what’s being done to breathe life back into Waterbury and the surrounding communities affected by the hurricane, and make a donation to do your part to help.  The H-Team will match your donation up to $10,000.