Heritage Automotive & The Boys and Girls Club

“There really isn’t any other way to break a kid out of poverty except through a decent education.”

—Mary Alice McKenzie, Executive Director, Burlington Boys and Girls Club

Eight years ago, we proudly partnered with Burlington Boys and Girls Club. When they approached us with the idea of their Early Promise Program, we knew we had to get involved. At the start of the program, Burlington Boys and Girls Club had no children who pursued education after high school.

By instituting the Early Promise Program, not only did Boys and Girls Club manage to send club kids to college, they now have supported 3 college students through to graduation. They also have built and expanded the successful program to include 15 other children currently enrolled in higher education-- kids, whom perhaps would have had no other way to begin a college career. What does graduating from college mean to someone who is the first in their family to go to college? Watch the video below to hear how being the first in their family has affected Earl, Raven and Tanasia.

Everybody Deserves an Education

Eight years ago Heritage Ford and Toyota proudly partnered with the Burlington Boys and Girls Club and their Early Promise Program. We wanted to support kids attending the club to strive for education beyond high school. Our sincerest congratulations go out the entire team at Burlington Boys and Girls Club for now operating a thriving and successful program.