Legacies: The Fathers Of Field Days

We’ve had the privilege of becoming friends with the most incredible men you will ever meet: Roger Layn, Lucien Paquette, and Dean Jackson. These three Fathers of Field Days have been with the fair since its earliest years, so if you are searching for values to live by, the answers are here for those who will listen. Take a few minutes to watch three new Legacy Edition stories told by these inspiring men. Stay tuned for more Legacy Edition stories, as we continue to honor those who are the heart and soul of Addison County Fair and Field Days.

Dean Jackson

Roger Layn

Lucien Paquette


Saluting Addison County Fair and Field Days and the community it serves

“Addison” looks into the strength of community, the value of preserving our past, and pays tribute to previous generations. In a media-crazed world, the film dares to look at life in a rural, agriculturally driven community, where hard work, family, and chores come before cell phones and video games. The county promotes a lifestyle that is connected to the land and the animals that provide their livelihood, and is representative of a hardworking community with strong values

“I’ve lived in Addison County for 22 years, and the people who have become my friends and neighbors continue to influence the way I live my life.” – Ryan Denecker, General Sales Manager, Heritage Toyota Scion.

Heritage’s past projects have taken fundraising and awareness to new, unprecedented heights for the Burlington Boys and Girls Club, Vermont Transplant Donor Network, Rebuild Waterbury, The Three Day Stampede, and the Monkton Volunteer Fire Department.