On Sunday, February 11th 2018, Heritage Automotive Group hosted a Pet Adoption Event in the Toyota Service Lane.

Our More Love Pet Event gave our customers a chance to learn more about the opportunities in our area to support our neighbors who are working on the front lines of pet rescue. Three adoption agencies were together under one roof for you to pet, belly rub and ear scratch your way to your new best friend! Visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the adoption process and requirements from multiple agencies without having to drive to three different counties!

As always, our goal with this annual event is to help create awareness for the pet rescues and animal shelters of Chittenden County and beyond. It’s a bonus that some of the agencies were set up to finalize on-the-spot adoptions so that our event-goers could take their new friends home that very day! At the end of the day, seven dogs ended up leaving with their new forever families right from our More Love Pet Adoption Event. We were so proud to know that seven furry friends could rest easier, surrounded by a little more love that night.





The H-Team at Heritage is committed and focused on helping others within our community - whether they are four-legged or two!

When we first asked ourselves how we could serve our community in deeper ways, we were eager to partner with our neighbors who work every day to improve the success and quality of our communities in Vermont. Every day, we witness great things going on in our community.

One of the easiest and furriest (!) ways to get involved, was to partner with the good folks working to find homes for all the homeless pets in our community. We’re not going to lie: we certainly didn’t mind doling out the pets and ear scratches, and being available for sloppy canine kisses. How can so many cuddly and cute canines be in need of homes?

This year, we were honored to work with several local agencies: Passion for Paws, All Breed Rescue and North Country Animal League. On February 11th, the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, each agency brought their dogs who were available for adoption to our More Love Pet Event. Our Toyota Service Lane is the perfect venue for lots of furry companions to frolic, and for the greater community to stop on by, and meet some of these great dogs for adoption.

Even more promising is that the agencies not offering same day adoptions had many interested parties begin the application process for many other dogs, meaning that our Sunday event helped connect even more dogs with loving homes.


It may not seem like a very large action to host a pet adoption event, but we think it’s a great way to spend the Sunday afternoon before Valentine’s Day. When the members of the H-Team pull together to host an event like this, we see how our organization, a car dealership, can help to improve the status of homeless pets. The H-Team is lucky enough to witness how teamwork, service, and integrity can impact the lives of others.

And, to us, that’s what it means to work with the H-Team.

Whether you work with us in the community, or work with us on your next car deal, we’re honestly proud you’ve chosen us. Thanks for being a part of it.