What's Your Watermark?

How did water - a resource as natural as they come - turn into something we have to worry about? Is there a way to FIX it? 

What’s Your Watermark? started as an desire to educate Vermonters about water issues both locally and globally and challenge them to make a more positive impact.

Many documentaries about water present a depressing onslaught of issues. We could have done that, but we think it’s more inspiring to not just learn about the issues but, to also meet the innovative Vermonters who aren’t afraid to make bold steps toward change.

The H-Team teamed up with Clear Water Filtration to bring you this More Love documentary about Lake Champlain and clean water.

Heritage’s past projects have taken fundraising and awareness to new, unprecedented heights for the Burlington Boys and Girls Club, Vermont Transplant Donor Network, Rebuild Waterbury, The Three Day Stampede, and the Monkton Volunteer Fire Department.